About Myself

My Name is Brandon,

I completed my BMus with First Class Honours, as a mature student at Edinburgh Napier University. I returned to Napier, and am now entering the last phase of my Master's Degree, with a focus on composing solo guitar and chamber music after an in-depth study of flamenco. 

I have played guitar and studied music for about as long as I can remember. I've travelled a bit, and lived abroad for a few years, but music has been at the centre of everything, all the way. I have many years experience as a gigging musician, having done session work in styles as diverse as Punk Rock, Scottish Traditional music, and Renaissance recreations for Historic Scotland.

Now I live, teach, compose, perform, and study in and around Edinburgh. I am familiar with all styles of technique and interpretation, from Baroque through Classical and Romantic to 20th- and 21st century music, including popular music and rock/alternative. I am comfortable on stage, improvising on electric guitar and remembering my first ever heroes - there were so many. I am probably even more happy playing my own compositions, or arrangements of pieces - by request or for kicks - with a classical guitar ensemble or chamber ensemble. It's all music, it all delights me, and once felt, it can all be understood using the same tools.

I've taught for some time in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and further afield when I lived in France and Denmark. I now offer tuition in guitar - electric, acoustic, classical and bass - and music theory, composition, performance, music analysis, and also in academic skills such as essay writing, project work and research, and effective study skills - from Secondary education to Degree level. I have students ranging from age 4 to 74, from 4th year degree students to hobby guitarists.

I learned guitar at first by imitating artists like Jimi Hendrix and Metallica, and had students who were interested in learning styles such as these, but as I have broadened my own experience I have taught bass guitar and electric guitar in a wide range of genres. Now having been trained by Simon Thacker for four years, my understanding of technique and interpretation is profound, and I can offer all the benefits of classical training, no matter what your interests are.

While studying Instrumental and Vocal Tuition with Bryden Stillie as part of my BMus at Edinburgh Napier University, I received a high distinction in assessment of my teaching abilities and methodology.

I have refined my approach since then.


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